Electromechanical Services

PMPC Electromechanical Services offers a wide variety. In the light of generation, transmission, distribution, and control of electricity.

We are able to provide complete electromechanical services of products to meet your needs. Whether Mechanical or Electrical problems we can make it efficiently.



Our Mechanical works such as Installation and Alignment.

Particularly, Rotating Equipment and Static Equipment.

Then, Repair and Maintenance.

Also, Piping Installation.

Ducting Fabrication and Metal Fabrication.


We’re capable of the following Electrical works:

First of all, Lighting System Maintenance.

Secondly, Wiring Design and Installation.

Thirdly, Power Supply Equipment and Other Electrical Works.


Check out the full list of our mechanical and electrical Services.

We know what it takes to run almost any type of machinery.

Our skilled Electro-mechanical Technicians test and maintain unmanned electromechanical equipment.


Contact us if you need help with our electromechanical services. We respond to all customer feedback and look forward to hearing from you.